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泰国设计师品牌独家入驻Toothpick-shape hook earring in Thai silver



泰国设计师品牌独家入驻Toothpick-shape hook earring in Thai silver

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  • 中国 山东省 临沂

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    The shape of these earrings resembles a toothpick stick. They are created from a thick silver wire that was hammered on one ending to form a rectangle stick and then finished with the so-called "cat fur" scratch effect . It is handmade from 98% Silver. Its simple and minimal shape make it suitable for everyday wear.

    竹签设计,简约而不简单!PS:每次看到“Cat fur" 莫名的脑子回想着生活大爆炸里面Scheldon同学睡觉要听的儿歌······

    The product comes with traditional Thai cloth packaging and includes tracking number for safer shipping.

    Our products are hand crafted in 98% Silver by Thai Karen hill-tribe artisans by means of traditional tools and techniques. The Karen are a group of ethnic peoples who reside primarily in southern and southeastern Burma and in northern and north-eastern Thailand. Thai and Burmese hill tribes can be traced back to the 12th century when they are said to have originated from Tibet.

    With a higher silver content than sterling silver, Karen silver has a weight, bright satin color and feel, all of its own. Every piece is handmade and individual.
    By purchasing this product, you contribute directly to maintain and support local arts and crafts in Thailand.

    尺寸: 长58 x 宽10 mm
    重量: 2.38 g


    泰国 银饰 耳坠 简约 传统 手工 定制

    98% 泰银
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